Java MEAN NodeJS MongoDB Amazon AWS XML JavaScript FourSquare API

Potoo is a startup project belongs to Potoo LLC which I founded with two of my friends in UMASS Boston. Potoo is a geolocation based social network application which allows users to share their thoughts freely and anonymously. I worked in both client and server side in this project.

My Role:

- Implementation of Potoo client side Android app.

- Implementation of Potoo server side NodeJS (Express framework) in AWS.

- Design and implementation of Potoo database in MongoDB.

- Design and implementation of Potoo backend system with one workload balancer that distributes client requests in a robin round manner to two physically separate web servers, and three database that back up each other.


Python Django AngularJS MySQL HTML5 Boostrap CSS Amazon AWS

AppMall is a web based multi-platform applications management system. It is a trademark that belongs to OpenMobile World Wide, Inc. I was responsible to implement the TIZEN API for AppMall Manager which manages applications in Tizen app store. It is designed for internal usage within OpenMobile World Wide, Inc. I did a full stack implementation in this project:

My Role:

- Implementation of Django backend in AWS.

- Integration of legacy MySQL database into Django.

- Writing web automation python scripts in the backend using Selenium to manage applications in Tizen app store.

- Implementation of one page fully responsive website in the frontend using AngularJS and Bootstrap.

ACL Tizen

C++ Java

ACL Tizen is a Tizen Native App which allows android applications to be run on Tizen mobile operating system. It is a trademark that belongs to OpenMobile World Wide, Inc.

My Role:

- Debugging ACL Tizen Native App.


Java XML

BlueChat is a chatting Android app that allows users to chat without wifi or any mobile data connectivity. Just turn on your bluetooth and start chatting! With P2P mode, BlueChat is able to propagate your message further extending communication past the bluetooth range boundary. BlueChat is an ongoing open project, originally called BlueMessenger. The next version will update the whole app UI, and will support emojis.

My Role:

- Implementation of BlueChat Android app.


Java MEAN NodeJS MongoDB Amazon AWS XML HTML5 Boostrap CSS jQuery AngularJS

Leaf is an ongoing start up project whose secret mission will be revealed at its release date...

My Role:

- Implementation of Leaf backend system.

- Implementation of Leaf database.

- Implementation of My Leaf app webpage.

- Design of Leaf Android app.



Music Store

Java Servlet JDBC JSP TomCat MySQL

Music Store is an academic project of CS636 'Database Application Development' offered in University of Massachusetts Boston. It consists of implementing a complete online music store system. The implementation is done using three layers architecture (Presentation layer: jsp, html. Logical layer: java. And database layer: mysql.).

My Role:

- Implementation of Music Store backend system.

- Implementation of Music Store frontend system.



Java XML NodeJS MongoDB Amazon AWS

BitC stands for Body in the Cloud which is an ongoing research project. BitC is a cloud integrated eHealthCare monitoring System with optimization engine running in the background. BitC provides a whole solution for medical professionals for monitoring patient's health status remotely in real time.

My Role:

- Implementation of BitC backend system.

- Implementation of BitC database.

- Implementation of BitC Android app.